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Drinks Bartender
Top 40 Country songs

All the things you need to find.....
Abacho search
Lycos search
Google search
Yahoo search
Go search
Kartoo search
Mooter search
Grokker search
ebay auktion
msn search
dat schatz wert
usps zip codes
Passport net
Search China
Buy books
Fast Click to your website service
Movie DB
Weather com
Ask - Jeeves
Florida info
vivisimo - search
dogpile - all in one search
academicinfo edu search
infomine edu search
Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress
The New York Public Library
Unique Aircraft
Rare Map Collection - Revolutionary America
The World Factbook

All the places you need to go to........
Map Quest
Distances in Europe Route Karte
Falk Routenplaner
Web Cams
Conus Winds / Temp / Jet Stream
PAST Hurricans Atlantic/Pacific Tracks
Hurricans atlantic
WX Radar FL
Miami Weather cam and radar
NOAA WX radio m3 broadcast
Space Pictures
CA Coastline Pic 85GB
FL Tides
World Airports
Canada Province Nunavut
Spacecraft orbits
Mexico - Map
JAA-License - earth views/
flash games ICI jeux
origami japan
Pins power supply
Pins nullmodem DB-9 DB-25 RJ-45 USB PCMCIA

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search foo com
Tools for the Web
who is register
Register com
w3 org html - check new viruses info
How does your website rank today
Metar - weather in Florida (by NOAA)
AirTraffic - Boca Raton FL
AirTraffic - St. Petersburg FL
AirTraffic - Los Angeles CA
IFR charts (PDF), STARs (PDF), Departure (PDF), airport diagram (PDF), sun rise / sun set, Fixes, Navaids
Lee Tran Routes
IFR-Tracker FMY (1 Week)
WX in FL
yahoo news
artificial images Earth
When is daylight saving time USA / Europe
Sun Rise and Sun set around the world for a whole year
SAT at College Board

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数  独 - A Su Doku solver
Web de
Fireball de
Mobile de
Spiegel de
Drivers Treiber
All your TRANSLATION need - Get a russian/china e-mail and find out what it says in english ( etc !!)
Medical Encyclopedia

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The Best Aviation Websites
Tools for Flight Instructors
Online Flight Tracking
Aviation Website

Flight Planning
Airport Locator
Airport & Navaid Search Tool
Electronic Advance Passenger Information System

Flight Instructors
NASA Guides to Ground & In-Flight Icing
Navigating the DC ADIZ, TFRs, and Special Use Airspace

TSA Training for CFIs
Initial TSA CFI Training
FSSA Training Exemption PDF
TSA CFI Training PDF

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs)
National Interagency Fire Center - TFRs
FAA TFR Website
TFRs on AOPA Website

NWS Homepage
NWS Aviation Weather Homepage
ADDS: Aviation Digital Data Service
any AWOS
UNISYS Weather

Pilot Rewards
AvFuel Rewards
Atlantic Aviation Rewards
ExxonMobile Pilots Plus Rewards
ExxonMobile Premier Spirit

Pilot Forms and References
NASA ASRS Report Form
AOPA Air Safety Foundation

Other Aviation Organizations
Flight Safety Foundation
National Air Traffic Controllers Association Website
EAA Website
NAFI Website
Air Line Pilots Association
National Business Aviation Association
National Air Transportation Association
National Association of State AviationOfficials
National Aeronautic Association
Helicopter Association International
The Nintey-Nines Int’l Organization of Women
General Aviation Manufacturers Association
Cessna Pilots Association
American Bonanza Society
Be a Pilot
International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations
Seaplane Pilots Association
Corporate Angel Network
Angel Flight
Lifeline Pilots

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
FAA Quick Reference Guide
FAA Wings Program
Airmen Certification Branch
FAA Accident & Incident Data
Find Aviation Medical Examiners
FAA Homepage
Eliminate your SSN from FAA certificates
N Number Inquiry
Replace lost FAA certificates
Airman Inquiry
Flight Standards
CAMI High Altitude Training
FAA-Industry Training Standards (FITS)
Federal Aviation Regulations
FAA Safety
Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
Designated Pilot Examiners
Domestic RVSM
Notices to Airmen
FAA Forms
High-density Airport Arrival & Departure Slots
ATC Command Center Flight Delays
Special Event Airport Arrival & Departure Slots

FREE ! - - Download FAA Publications
Airmen Knowledge Test Guides
Instrument Procedures Handbook
Airmen Practical Test Standards
Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Free FAA Approach Charts
Instrument Flying Handbook
Aeronautical Information Manual
Aviation Instructor's Handbook
International Flight Information Manual
Airplane Flying Handbook
Logbook Endorsements
Advisory Circulars
Designated Pilot Examiners
Glider Flying Handbook
FAA Flight Review Guide
Rotorcraft Flying Handbook

Other Government Agencies
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
National Transportation Safety Board - Aviation
NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System
U.S. Geological Survey
Dept of Interior
Dept of Transportation
Dept of Homeland Security
NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System

Checkmate Checklists
Vflite GPS Training Products
Vflite W&B Visualizer
Vflite CFI Tools
FLITELite Headset Light
Garmin Avionics garmin
Avidyne avidyne
Bendix-King Avionics
Chelton Flight Systems
Jeppesen: Charts and Databases
Air Charter Guide
Bose Aviation Headset
David Clark Products
Comm1 Radio Simulator
NAV Canada
Pilot & Maintenance Logbooks
Sporty’s Pilot Shop
King Schools
asa: Aviation Supplies & Academics
Air Chart Systems

Aircraft Manufacturers
Gulfstream Aircraft
Boeing Commercial Aircraft
Dassault Falcon Aircraft
Bombardier Aircraft
Bell Helicopter
Airbus Aircraft
Pilatus Aircraft
Socata Aircraft
Embraer Aircraft
Sino Swearingen Aircraft
Cirrus Aircraft
Lancair Aircraft
Piaggio Aircraft
Sikorsky Aircraft
Adam Aircraft
Robinson Helicopter
Diamond Aircraft
Aviat Aircraft
Comp Air

Engine & Propeller Manufacturers
Lycoming Engines
Hartzell Propellers
Teledyne Continental Engines
McCauley Propellers
Pratt & Whitney Engines

Aviation Publications
Professional Pilot
Aviation Week
Aviation Consumer
Aviation Safety
Air and Space
Plane and Pilot
IFR Refresher
Business & Commercial Aviation

Uniformed Services
U. S. Army
U. S. Navy
U. S. Air Force
U. S. Marine Corps
U. S. Coast Guard
NOAA Commissioned Corps
PHS Commissioned Corps

CIA Factbook
U.S. Passports
Travelers Checks
Travel Insurance

American Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Aloha Airlines
British Airways
Air Canada
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
Air France
Frontier Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
JetBlue Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines

Useful Links
Google: Search Tool
Google Government
Google Directory
Download Google Earth
Yahoo! yahoo.
CTS Aviation Training
Microsoft Homepage
MSN msn.
US Government's Official Web Portal
Federal Trade Commission ftc
Identity Theft
Latest Recall Information
National Do Not Call Registry
Free Credit Reports
Federal Citizen Information Center
Reducing Unwanted Emails
Reduce The Number Of Unsolicited Credit and Insurance Offers
Guard Against Internet Fraud

FAA AIM Handbook

Pressure Converter Hg2kPa or kPa2Hg
Density Altitude Calculator
Pressure Altitude Calculator

Reverse IP lookup

Google Map html
Google Map FMY

IP Calculator

Mover-Associations and IL-Web-Sites

Atlatic Storm Tracker

homepage of the European Environment Agency

the Retailer's Guide to Environmental Responsibility -ways-to-preve nt-climate-change-a-guide-for-independent-retailers/