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eMs e-Moving-shop

Find your moving needs.

You can request an estimate direcly from most movers listet on our web-site
It contains an inventory that calculates the volume/size for you and E-Mails the result
It contains an distance calculator between cities and E-Mails the result
In the remarks section you can ask what packing material and other equipment is available

Some of the things you could request
Cartons 3 cubicfeet
Cartons 4 cubicfeet
Cartons 6 cubicfeet
Cartons flat 4 cubicfeet
Packing paper
Wardrobe cartons
Masking tape
Plastic cover chair
Plastic cover couch
Plastic cover matress
Paper blankets
Wollen blankets
Rent a Piano dolly
Rent a Cart
Rent a 4 weeler
File container
rent a forklift
rent a truck
rent a driver:
rent full moving van with driver
rent outside lift
Storage container 200 cuft
Storage container 20'
Hire a Packer
Hire a Porcelain packer
Hire a Porter
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